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Work Humor

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48 Phrases You Wish You Could Say At Work!
99 Excuses for Skipping Out of Work Early

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A Day Off
Another Day at the Office

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Bad Day at Work
Bad Day at Work?
Businessman Joke

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Corporate Envelope Solution
Corporate Rowing

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Dilbert's Laws of Work

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Early Retirement
Eight Signs You Don't Have Enough to Do at Work
Employee Performance Appraisal
Everything I Need to Know...I Learned in Corporate America

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From Actual (Canadian) Government Employee Performance Evaluations

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Gravity Shutdown

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Halley's Comet
How to Address a Politically-Correct, Non-Sexist Business Letter
How to Interpret Employment Ads
How to Keep a Health Level of Insanity in the Workplace
How to Tell a Businessman from a Businesswoman

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Immediate Downsizing Measures Employed
Important Memo

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Letter of Recommendation

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Management Review of Writing Style
Management Speak
My Boss

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NASA Research Announces Discovery of a New Element
New Dress Code

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Occupational Descriptions
Office Party
Office Romance

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Personal Days
Profession Names
Promotional and Funeral

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Restroom Allocation
Rules On Work Breaks

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Survival Guide for Taking a Dump at Work

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The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Manager
The Plan
The Rise and Fall of Casual Day
The Unemployment Office
The World's Worst Jobs
Things Noted on Real Resumes
Three Corporate Lessons
Timesheet Improvements
Tips For Your Boss
Top 10 Best Things to Do With Career Criminals
Top 10 Signs You're Overworked and Understaffed
Top 10 Things Corrections Officers Hate
Top 11 Reasons to Go to Work Naked!

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Well, It's Official
What Employees Really Mean
Why I Won't be Coming into Work Today
Why Is Business So Absurd?
Work Laws

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You Know You Work For the Government If...