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What are PageWorks? PageWorks are a number of projects that I (Xan) started several years ago, while I was learning how to do HTML. Several friends suggested I should distribute them, and this is what we have here, all zipped and ready to go, in the most basic format there is. What you will find here are RAW, SIMPLE pre-fab webpage packages of HTML there are, no style sheets, no javascript, no bull-oney at all!

So enjoy these freebies, I've also added a package of Tutorials that were the same pages (of a place long gone now) that I learned how to do all of these packages with, as well as some choice extras that will assist you in your web adventure...

BookWorks 2.0

BookWorks is a set of HTML pages used for making browser books of any text-based content that you wish. They can be as complex as you wish, or as simple as it is now. Just fill in the areas indicated in the files in the htm folder/subdir. There is also an img folder/subdir for pics and such.

Download BookWorks 2.0 Zip (15.1k - 15,500 bytes)

PlainWorks 2.0

This package WAS the easiest and simplest of all, now fixed and tweaked to absolute perfection! This package can be viewed with ALMOST any browser.

Download PlainWorks 2.0 Zip (20k - 20,062 bytes)

SimpleWorks 1.0

Stripped, ripped and completely compatible with ANY browser, SimpleWorks will fill the bill for anyone who needs to keep their surfers happy with the ultimate basic pages. No tables, no style sheets, nothing but basic pages.

Download SimpleWorks 1.0 Zip (9.55k - 9,788 bytes)

TableWorks 2.0

Using tables for pages are quite common. Here you'll find out in the simplest scenario how they do it! This package is compatible with MOST browsers, as some do not support some of the table features included in this package. This version is tweaked to work with any browser that supports tables, although some features will appear more in newer browsers than older ones.

Download TableWorks 2.0 Zip (24.4k - 24,990 bytes)

FrameWorks 6.0

I know that I said it before, but this is the ABSOLUTE FINAL version of FrameWorks there will ever be. All the bugs of the previous versions are fixed, All tags are closed, everything is complete and working, all done and packaged up right here in this zipfile.

This version has no JavaScript, no style sheets, just a basic webpage that is frames based. Please do not abuse frames for webpages, as some browsers surf without this enabled.

FrameWorks 6.0 Zip (22.1k - 22,703 bytes)

ImageWorks 1.0

Here is a way to make your pictures easier to navigate, be it local on your machine or on a website. Also a wonderful way of creating browser-able photo CD's. A must have for those who love to take pictures, either film developed or digitally!

Download ImageWorks 1.0 Zip (17.2k - 17,647 bytes)


This is a collection of pages that (in most cases) perform special functions, like bounce after a set period of time to another page, security pages (404 Not Found and 403 Forbidden), and color charts.

Updated version of this package includes a readme.txt to explain what each page is.

Download Extras Pages Zip (6.71k - 6,875 bytes)

Tutorials (Suggested by Stromy of Vulcan)

FINALLY, the "lectures to go along with the labs" that PageWorks are! These are a collection of tutorials that reside on your hard drive, OR may be unzipped to a floppy disk (I hope, never tried myself, but it opens up to 1.3Meg). Contains tutorials on HTML basics, step-by-step from beginner to novice, to master HTML Guru. Also includes step-by-step tutorials on Tables, Forms and Frames, with color charts included. BONUS: I've also slipped in the HTML3.2 and HTML4.0 (windows) helpfiles that would make even the Gurus drool! This is all of the basics that all PageWorks packages themselves were created from.

Even the HTML Masters need these valuable references, give 'em a try, you can always nuke 'em if ya don't like 'em...but I doubt ya will ;)

Download Xan's HTML Tutorials Pages Zip (823k - 843,163 bytes)

For any comments, suggestions, or submissions, please email Stromy of Vulcan at the address below. Thanks.

Email: Stromy of Vulcan

This page was created using PlainWorks 1.0 by Xan. Thanks there for this template!

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