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Religious Humor

-- A --

A Cat Dies And Goes To Heaven
A Child's View of God
A Cowboy's Prayer

-- B --

Behold I Cometh!
Biblical Constipation
Biblical One-Liners
Bill Gates and St. Peter

-- C --

Children's Sermon
Church Blues
Church Chain Of Command
Church Football
Church Steeple
Classroom Religion
Comparison of Philosophical Theories in the Late 20th Century
Cowboy and Big-City Church

-- D --

Did GOD Make You
Dog Sermon

-- E --

Engineer in Hell

-- F --

Favorite Hymns
Forrest Gump Goes to Heaven

-- G --

George W. Bush, Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso
God And Eve In The Garden Of Eden
God May Already Have Won!
God Power
God the Artist
Good News, Bad News for Pastors

-- H --

Hillary at the Pearly Gate!
Hit Him Again!

-- I --

If Biblical Headlines Were Written By Today's Liberal Media
If You MUST Speed On The Highway, Sing These Hymns...
I'll Have Nun Of That!
In The Beginning

-- J --

Jesus and Satan Programming in C

-- K --

Kid's View of Infant Baptism

-- M --

Ministers and Lawyers

-- P --

Poor Dead Fred

-- R --

Reported to be Actual Church Signs....
Respected Church Leader
Reward for Going to Temple

-- S --

Satan and the Nuts
Secret Service
Shit Happens in Various World Religions
Sunday Service

-- T --

The Atheist
The Atheist And The Little Girl
The Biblical Origin of Pets
The Creation
The Funeral
The Golfer
The Kinds of People in Heaven
The Minister's Dentures
The Preacher and the Farmer
The Protestant Dictionary
The Reverend's Wife
The Sermon on the Mount (The Inside Story)
Things You Never Hear In Church
Three Dads
Top 10 Reasons Eve Was Created
Top 10 Reasons to Come to Church Even Though It's Summer
Top 10 Sayings of Biblical Mothers
Top 10 Signs You May Not Be Reading Your Bible Enough
Top 10 Ways of Knowing You've Joined the Wrong Church
Top Reasons For Joining The Church Choir

-- W --

Ways to Make a Boring Sermon Fun
What Would Jesus Drive
What's In The Name Of Baptist Churches...