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10 Annoying News Anchor Habits
10 Disgusting Things Irish Traditional Flute Players Do
10 Self Serving Reasons to Be Nice to People
10 Tips on Hosting a Party
100 Ways to Order Pizza
11, Are We Doomed?
20 Things to Do at a Fast Food Drive-Thru
20 Very Short Books
2000+ Uses for Peanut Butter
211 Ways to Kill Barney
25 Favorite Ways To Annoy A Yankee
25 Signs That You've Had Too Much of the 90's
258 Things to do When You Are Bored
30 Fun Things to do While Driving
37 Ways to Tick People Off
40 Fun Things to do at a Bowling Alley
50 Fun Things to do at Walmart
51 Days
63 Ways to Annoy Baby Boomers
65 Things to Do on a Long Airplane Ride
9 Things I Hate About Everybody
99 Ways to Go Insane

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A Boy's $100
A Child's Bill Of Rights
A Christmas Greeting
A Collection Of True Newspaper Headlines That Merit A Second Glance
A Dictionary of Theater Terms
A Drink Of Water
A Good Laugh
A Kitty's Prayer
A Month After X-mas
A Most Unusual Funeral
A Scary Ride
A Short Story
A Skier's Dictionary
A Terrible Illness
Actual Excerpts From Letters Sent to Landlords
Aerobics For Your Brain
Afghan TV Guide
Air Force Games
All You'll Ever Need to Know About Gardening
American Things That are Interesting To Know
An Engineer and the Guillotine
An Extra Wife
An Insurance Funny
An Open Letter To My Dog
Answering the Prayer
Anti-Drug Message
Apartment For Rent
Are You A Prune?
Are You all Right?
Aspiring Psychiatrists

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Baby Bear's Choice
Bad Day
Bar Joke
Bar Tab
Be a Kid Again...
Being a Railroad Signalman
Before And After Falling In Love....
Believers and Non-Believers
Beware of Dog
Big John in the Old West
Botched Newspaper Headlines
Burglar's Nightmare
Busload of Politicians

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Carpet Installer
Cat Bathing as a Martial Art
Catholic Math
Cell Phone
Chocolate Layer Cake 1040
Cigar Insurance
Clowning Around
Coming Home
Contractors At the White House
Cooking Terms
Cooking Water Joke
Cool REAL Signs!
Cooling It
Correct Definitions
Counting Johnny
Counting Sheep
Creative Ways to Say Someone is Stupid
Customers' Guide to Shopping at Your Local Grocery Store
Customers Suck When...
Customs Inspection
Cynics Guide to Life

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Declaration Of Independence Reply
Department of Justice Draft Pet Registration Guidelines
Did You Ever Wonder?
Diet for Stress
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Do You Really Want Appliances Smarter Than You?
Doctor Gave the Man a Jar
Dog Horoscopes
Doggie Dictionary
Doggie Pledge
Dog's Hotel
Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On
Drinking Rednecks
Drive-Through Procedure
Driving Miss Crazy
Drunk Joke

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Early Warning Signs Of Aging
Eating with Children
English is Difficult
Eternal Truths
Even MORE Creative Ways to Say Someone is Stupid...
Even More Funny Sayings
Excerpts from a Cat's Diary
Exercise Poem
Exercise, Is it Worth It?
Exit Exam
Extra Crispy

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Famous Quips
Father's Day Poem
Flying Business Class
Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care
Frog's Future!
Fun At the Drive-Thru
Funny One-Liners

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Garage Sale?
Generic Movie Disaster Script
George and the Physical
Gets You Thinking
Getting Forgetful
Goldfish Burial
Good Advice
Government Contracting Dictionary
Great Advice For Truly Enjoying The Holiday Season!
Great Astrological Light Bulb Joke
Guess Who?

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Hair Pulling Incident
Hate It When...
Help from Above!
Hi Jack!
High Definition Hilarity
Hockey Fan
Holiday Fruitcake Recipe
Holiday Letter from the Folks
Horse and Chicken
Hospital Information
How Government Works
How I Got Here
How Many?
How Much Is That Barbie In the Window?
How Rome Ticks (er-- Picks)
Humorous Statements By Airline Flights Crews
Hung to Dry

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I Stink, Therefore, I Am
I Won't Revise
Idiot of the Day
If Dogs Could Talk
If Men Ruled the World
If You Carrot All For Me
If You Grew up in a Small Town...
I'm An Outlaw
I'm Fine!
Important Tips for Mideastern Travelers
Irish-Iraqi War
Irishman, a Mexican, and a Redneck
IRS Scam
It's Going to Be a Rotten Day When...
I've Learned...

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Jingle Bells Parody
Jock or Nerd?
Jury Duty
Jury Excuse

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Keeping Up With The Joneses
Kid Surgery
Kids or Birth Control???
Kids Say the Darnest Things
Kitty Litter Cake
Kosher Food Dictionary

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Last Request
Laughing Baby
Lawn Psychology
Laws of Cat Physics
Lawyers Salary
Lessons from a Dog
Life is Backwards
Little Known Feline Ailments
Long Hair
Lost Snack
Lying Cheat (Dear Abby)

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M&M Genetics
Mail Processing at the USPS
Making Babies
Married Couple
Marrying and Divorcing in Heaven
Math Test for Orchestra Members
May I Take Your Order...
Medical Phrasebook
Medieval vs. Modern English
Memory Test
Menu Planning Tip to Reduce Stress
Mind Games Dogs Play With Humans
Misc Thoughts
Modern Cooking Poem
Mom I Am Really Sick or How To Fake Cold Symptoms
Mom's 25 Survival Tips
Murphy's Laws for Parents
Musical Troubles

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Name this Country
Navel Blunder
Never Argue with a Woman
New and Improved Bumper Stickers
New Florida Slogans
New Job for the Weatherman
Next of Kin
No Frills Airlines
Not a Problem
Nose-Picking Glossary
Notice of Revocation of Independence
Now That I'm Older

-- O --

Official Rules for Calling Shotgun Version 1.1
Oh, to Be Ten Again
Ol' Mrs. Pierpoint
Old * Never Die, They Just...
Old is When..."
One Way to Deal with a Really Bad Day
Only in America
Out of School

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Paper or Plastic
Patient's Code of Ethical Behavior
PDB Obituary
Pet Fish Story
Planting Joke
Police Help
Police Humor
Police Humor
Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood
Poor Dog!!
Posh Hotel
Pranks, Pranks, Pranks
Product Warnings
Psych Discussion
PTSD Psychotherapist Trainee Stress Disorder
Pun Intended

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Rabbit Hunt
Rate Your Hangover
Rectal Temperature
Rectum Stretcher
Redneck Joke
Retired Engineer
Revenge of the Pigs
Rufus and Clarence
Rules For Being Human
Rules for Dining Out
Rules for Dogs Who have a Yard to Protect
Rules of Driving in Denver
Running From A Lion

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Sand Traps
Santa Funnies
Santa's New Contract
Sarcastic Remarks to Get You Through the Day
Senior Chef's Death
Seven New York City Bartenders
Signs It's Time to do Laundry
Signs of Ripe Old Age
Signs the Car You Just Bought is a Lemon
Signs You Might Be Alaskan
Signs You Might Be Too Canadian
Singing Dog
Some Famous Last Words
Something to Think About Price of Gas
Sotally Tober
Space Mountain
Squeeze My Lemon
Stress Reduction
SuperBowl Sunday

-- T --

Taking the Train
Technical Quiz
Test Yourself: Are You a Neanderthal
Thank Me. I Voted Clinton-Gore
That's Life
The "But First... Syndrome"
The ABCs of Film Cliches
The Advantages of Being Plump!
The Age Test
The Air Force Creed
The Amish Carriage
The Bar
The Barber
The Barkeeper's Dog
The Bathroom Story
The Beans
The Best Hotels
The Biggest Lies
The Birds and Bees
The Butcher and the Dog
The Change
The Chase
The Chinese Couple's New Baby
The Convention
The Cookies
The Cure
The Devil
The Divorce
The Drunk
The Duck
The Effects of Alcohol
The Elevator
The Elmo Misunderstanding
The Evolution Of Mom
The Farmer
The FBI and Pizza
The Funeral
The General
The Gift of Life
The Golden Saloon
The Gorilla and the Mime
The Great Cruise
The Headaches
The Irate Customer
The Language of Science
The Laws of Life
The Little Fly
The Meanest Mom in the World...
The Millionare with Alligators
The Next Best Thing
The Next Olympics in New York City...
The Old Couple at McDonald's
The Ostrich and Exact Change
The Photographer
The Pirate and the Hook
The Policeman and the Fire Chief
The Procrastinator's Creed
The Rooster
The Rules of Chocolate
The Talking Metronome
The Truth Comes Out
The TV Addict Quiz
The Ultimate Scientific Dictionary
The Unused Credit Card
The Warning Signs of Insanity...
The Wise Man
The Yeti
Things Insomniacs Think About...
Things I've Learned From My Children...
Things to Do During a Driving Test
Things to Ponder
Things You Learn as You "Mature"
Things You Would NEVER Hear a Redneck Say
Things Your Mom Would Never Say to You
Three Guys and a Genie
Three Travelers
Tips for Northerners Moving South
Tips to Avoid Police Brutality
Too Smart
Travel Agent Stories
True Lawyer Story
Two Cannibals
Two Italians
Two Longhorns and an Aggie
Two Priests

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USS Lincoln

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Visiting Grandma
Vocabulary Test for the Dirty Minded

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Ways to Make a Complete Ass of Yourself
Welfare Department Applications for Support
What Constitutes an Asshole
What Mothers Said
What the Diet Says...
What To Do With All That Junk You Get In The Mail
What Would You Do If I Died?
What's In A Name?
Where Are We?
Where are You From?
Who Invented What.....
Who Wants To Get Loaded?
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Why Say Rednecks Aren't Real Bright?
Wild Child
Witty Responses To Parental Naggings
Words That Should Exist. . .
Worried Old Woman
Writing a Dissertation

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Your Southern Horoscope