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Computer Humor

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10 Computer Terms to Understand
10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Sign Off and Read a Book
101 Things to Do with a Spammer
101 Ways to be Obnoxious on Usenet
12 Commandments of Flaming on the Internet
50 Ways to Hose Your Code
50 Ways to Scare People in Computer Labs
9 Reasons to Buy Your Own Computer and 1 Reason Not To

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A Bill Gates Christmas
A Modern Teenage Cyberpunk
A Possible Future History of Intel(TM) Pentium(TM) Microprocessors
A Spotters Guide to Academic Programmers
Abbott and Costello Meet Windows 95
Alice in Microsoft Land
American Pie - Hacker Style
Annual Internet Cleaning
Are You Being Technically Harassed?
Axioms For The Internet Age

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Baby Gates
Bill and God
Bill Gates Rescues Internet Humor
Boot Camp

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Car for the Information Highway
Computer Blessing
Computer Error Message Haikus
Computer People In Your Neighborhood
Computer Problem Report Form
Computer Reboot
Computer Smiles
Computer Upgrade
Computer Xmas

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Day of Atonement E-Mail Prayer
Dealing with Computer Equipment
Divine Tech Support

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E-mail Wishes
Engineer Terminologies
Everything I Needed to Know About Computers I Learned in the Movies

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Fable of Microsoft and the Tomato

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Getting To Know Your Computer
Guide to Man-Machine Interface

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Help, I'm Trapped on the Internet!
High Tech Computer Sales Jargon
Home on the Web
How Things Would Be Different If Microsoft Headquarters Were in Texas...
How To Be A Real Programmer
How to Build a Web Page in 25 Steps
How to Clean Your Hard Drive
How To Get Off Those Stupid Posting Lists?
How to Send Good Bulls
How to Take a Leak
How To Unsubscribe

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If America Online Was A City...
If AOL was a City
If Life Were like a Computer...
If Microsoft Ran The IRS
Internet Access Policy

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Life Before the Computer

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Microsoft Acquires
Microsoft Furniture
Microsoft Helps Us Pray
Microsoft Renames Windows 95
Microsoft Tester Dies Tragically At Hands Of "Pal"
Microsoft Toast
MS Expands from the Desktop to the Bedroom
MS Restaurant
Murphy's Laws of Computing
Murphy's Laws Of IT

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Ode To Spell Checker
Office Lingo in the Age of the Internet

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Password Changing Guidelines
PC Hypochondria
PC Message Glossary
Please Log On
Power Line Virus Alert!
Programmer Insanity Signs
Programming Genesis
Proper Diskette Usage and Care
Protecting Your Kids From Inappropriate On-Line Material
Puff the Fractal Dragon

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Real Programmers
Reasons Why Dogs Do Not Use Computers!
Rules To Live By For Computer Users From The Tech Support Department

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Santa Claus as a System Administrator
Selecting A Programming Language
So You Think You're Computer-Illiterate?
Someone Left a Glass of Milk Next to the Keyboard

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The 9 Types of Web Page Creators
The AOL Car
The Clever Programmer
The Computer Experts Glossary
The Digital Hillbillies
The Dosfish
The Flame Form Letter
The Hackers Test - Version 1.0
The Oldest Profession
The Pluperfect Virus
The Task: Go to the Store
The Techie Gospel
The TechWeenie Glossary
The Top 12 Results Of Microsoft's Takeover Of Healthcare
The Top 51 Computer T-Shirt Slogans
The Unix Hierarchy (The Eight Stages of Unix Knowledge
The Unofficial Manual for Graduate Teaching Assistants
Toaster Design
Top 10 Computer Law Suits
Top 10 New Intel Slogans For The Pentium
Top 10 Signs Your Son Is A Hacker
Top 10 Things NOT to Do When Starting a Net
Top 33 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore the Year 2000!

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Undocumented Error Codes
UNIX Consultant
Unleash the Power of Shift!
USPS Virus Warning

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What If People Bought Cars Like They Buy Computers?
What Your Computer Is Trying To Tell You
Where Do the Characters Go When I Use My Backspace
Win2K Errors
Windows 98 Guide
Windows Errors
WordPerfect Helpline

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Y0K Problem
Y2K Blues
You Know You Are Addicted to the Internet When...
You Know You Are From Silicon Valley When...
You Know You're a World Chat Junkie If...
You Know You're Taking Computers Too Seriously When...
You've Been In Graphics Too Long If...
You've Been Online Too Long When...