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10 Fake Excuses Not to Use for Missing an Exam
10 Possible Consequences of Cheating at School
10 Things to Remember about Your ID Card
10 Tips for Choosing an Effective Tutor
10 Ways to Get Caught Cheating in School
100 Ways To Freak Out Rooommates
101 Fun Things To Do In Math Class
101 Things (Not) to Do at or for Your Thesis Defense
15 Signs You're Not Graduating This Term
20 More Ways to Confuse Roommate
20 Signs You've Been on Campus Too Long
20 Things Not to Say to Your Parents While at College
23 Psalms for Stressed out Students
25 Ways To Confuse Your Professors
25 Ways To Spoil Your Roommate's Holiday
40 Things the Admissions Counselors Never Told You
45 Fun Things to Do on a Paper You Don't Care About
50 Fun Things to Do During a Boring Lecture
50 Ways to Confuse the Heck out of People in Dining Halls
500 Or So Ways to Annoy Your Roommate

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A Dummy's Final
A Psychology Course
A Test Prayer
Actual Answers from Students on Music Exams
Answering Machine at School
Are You a Graduate Nurse or an Experienced Nurse?

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Battle Hymn of Finals

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Chemistry X-mas Carols
City of Los Angeles High School Vocabulary Primer
College Classes Evaluations
College Funds
College Habits You Can Bring Home
College Letter Home
College Student Light Bulb Jokes
College Vocabulary
College: The Important Project
Cool Things To Do in a College Dorm Shower Stall

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English Professor

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Good Student
Graduation Test
Guide to Successful Student Life

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High School Vs. College
How Different Departments and Disciplines See a Black Cat
How to Identify Professors
How to Write a Paper
How To Write Good
How Universities Grade Their Final Exams

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My Son's College Apartment

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Pranks and Other Fun Dorm Activities
Professors I've Known...

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Reasons To Skip Class

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School Daze
School Homework Policy
Self-Improvement Classes
Special High Intensity Teaching
Student Raise Grade Form

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The Difference Between College Parties And Work Parties
The First Realizations That You're Not In College Anymore
The Fresher's Guide to Student-Spotting
The Genie
The Grad School Rap
The Physics Quiz
The Proffesor's Diary
The Stork
Things To DO In A Geology Exam When You Are Failing Anyway
Things You Will Learn While at College
Top 10 Reasons Prison is Bettter Than College
Top 10 Ways the Bible Would Have Been Different If Written by College Students
Top 20 Things to do to Piss Off the Cafeteria Ladies
Twenty Reasons Throwing Up Is Better Than Dorm Food

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We are College Students
What To Bring To An Exam
Why Graduate Students are Like Cats
Worst Analogies Found in High School Papers

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Yesterday (the 'Final' Version)
You Might Be A School Teacher If...