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This is my little corner of cyberspace devoted to my passion of photography. Although beginning in this hobby, I take quite amount of pleasure in taking pictures. I've found the time I spend outside along with enjoyment of nature to be extremely theraputic and relaxing. Most of the pictures are taken from my adopted home state of Colorado. As I can afford trips and job premitting, I'll eventually spread out to other areas. But hope you enjoy what few pictures I can post.

Please bear in mind that this is a site under heavy construction at the moment. I'm attempting to get several sets of pages up. So be sure to check back frequently for further updates. Also, pardon the mess around here till I get all the bugs worked out! :)

Warning, each link opens up a new window. To move onto the next set, close the set already opened!

Lake Beckwith
August 4, 2014

Grand Canyon
May 2008

Sunset on John Martin
March 2001

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