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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED webpage of Stromy of Vulcan. This page contains a wide assortment of humor with more to come. This page is changing as I get the time to update. So please be sure to stop by for a visit often. But most of all, take time to enjoy my little corner of cyberspace...the final frontier of Stromy of Vulcan.

- Humor Station -

This is the famous Stromy of Vulcan's humor page. There is an extensive amount of humor for those that enjoy a good gut busting laughing session. But be warned, you'll not want to stop laughing. So enter at your own risk! :)

- Vacation Sites and Destinations -

This is my vacation sites and destinations that I've been to locally. A huge list of places in Colorado and New Mexico. If you ever get to stop at these places, do so as I highly recommend them.

NEW - Stromy of Vulcan's Galactic Earth Photo Page - NEW

Now for the much anticipated photo album of some of my journey while stationed on Earth. Many people have enjoyed some of the photos I've taken during my travels. Now I am making them public that others may also enjoy! Visit and enjoy just some of my many travels! :)

- Xan's PageWorks Download Index -

This page is dedicated to a very special online friend that I knew for many years. We were online family. He's since passed away and his presence has left a great hole in my life. This page is dedicated to his memory. Here are some GREAT sources of help for designing and building your webpage. Xan's been a great source of help and encouragement in designing all my pages. Now he's imparted his GREAT knowledge into PageWork packages. This packages are what I have used to design my webpages with. Thanks again Xan! :)

- Dolphin Stress Test -

This is a simple test to help you gauge your current level of stress. Once that is known, you can adjust your behavior to either relieve or accommodate your stress. The test is quite simple. Sit upright. View the screen head-on, take a deep breath, breathe out and then open the picture and look directly at it.

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